Thursday, May 31, 2007

AA Cafe #18

Michael! We're the pink sprinkles on top of the podcast frappuccino. My highschool football coach told me to quit assuming. And I'm telling you the same thing. We find out that coffee may reduce the risk of breast cancer, and Brian volunteers to test for it. Mr. Charbucks goes up against the big boys. Eric the red (the amish girl) writes in with coffee questions and Michael does the speed round. And Petey goes bye bye.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

AA Cafe #17

Josh and Brian "drop the ball on the podcast new year." Instructions on how to clean your coffeemaker. A letter from Larry's girlfriend in Seattle. And one from "" We reminisce about DoubleShot and think of the future. And join in the countdown to 2006.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AA Cafe #16

Michael rejoins AA Cafe to learn Brian-bonics. Shut up! And listen to the very lengthy coffeenews™. About rampaging Santas in New Zealand. Come on Arlene! Michael gives us a Chirstmas sermon and we talk about what coffees are best for the holidays.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

AA Cafe #15

Misty's back. Sugar makes things sweeter. We talk about it. And we describe why and how to give yourself a coffee enema. Brian reads a letter from his army hero, Brad. If you're looking for a coffee-related Christmas gift... And a really boring letter from Joe. (And a poem from the lion.)

AA Cafe #14

Josh and Brian podcast from the psychic headquarters of AA Cafe. Josh, being a barista, and Brian, also being a barista, talk about how much you should appreciated a good barista. Coffeenews focuses on Sam Bucks, David Fell's coffeehouse in Broken Arrow, and some other weird stuff. Mark Prince from the CoffeeGeek podcast praises a couple DoubleShot Coffees. And in a landmark experiment, the two coffee jerks brew popcorn.

AA Cafe #12

Misty cracks me up. Misty helps Brian talk about debit card abuse. Coffeenews includes the not-to-be-missed BB Gun robbery (complete with Misty's fake british accent). Misty interviews Brian (the lion) to try and get to know him a little better. And we get a letter from Thad in Tennessee about Bongo Java coffee roasters.

AA Cafe #11

Brian (or Jake?) and Other Brian host AA Cafe 11. Tip o the cast involves hitting on the barista. Laurie from Sandy Utah (or vice versa) writes in again to clear some things up. We run through some really bad coffee jokes. And Other Brian infoms us that no two people are not on fire. Hmm.

AA Cafe #10

Ila Cobb assaults David just prior to his podcast debut. David and Brian talk (again) about how to order coffee- not by asking for the "strongest" coffee. Naked Coffeenews. Sandy from Laurie Utah writes in about the coffee gitters. And Brian describes how to drink espresso. At 24 minutes, David reads a poem about caffeine. You might skip that part.

AA Cafe #9

Michael's podcast debut as co-host of AA Cafe. We talk about picking up after yourself at the coffeehouse. Criminal coffeenews. Mark Prince (from writes in to the podcast. gets discussed, after they talk about AA Cafe on their podcast. We talk about Michael learning to pay attention when he walks in to DoubleShot. And a short talk about a newspaper article concerning another local roaster.

AA Cafe #8

No Joe. Brian does a podcast solo. I put out a podcasting call for co-hosts on AA Cafe. Instructions on how to buy your coffee beans fresh. A short version of coffeenews. In fact, a short podcast.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

AA Cafe #7

Still Joe. I can't believe Joe is still podcasting with Brian. It's about being courteous to your barista. Some coffeenews. And then some info talk about Ethiopian coffees. (And a bit of passion from Brian.)

AA Cafe #6

Joe's mother doesn't like Brian very much. But they co-host AA Cafe #6 anyway. They discuss the reasons that 2 smalls are better than one large. We discuss a letter about Organic certified coffee. Joe interviews Brian about roasting.

AA Cafe #5

This Joe and Brian combination keeps on keepin on. We talk about your order and how it's best that you try the drink first and alter it later. Brian claims he doesn't want to be an asshole and Joe claims he did research. And what he researched was wet processing of coffee. And future podcast co-host Michael writes in.

AA Cafe #4

Joe-Brian. Brian-Joe. Figuring out how much coffee to use in your brewer. Boy, is it confusing. Caffeine content of coffee (Shock Coffee). And how that caffeine is removed from coffee beans (decaf). And a letter from a disconcerted listener!

AA Cafe #3

Brian and Joe here. Joe's dad calls in for AA. We talk about pre- grinding your coffee. Coffee health facts. And a handy dandy grinder review.

AA Cafe #2

Joe and Brian do it again. Don't freeze your coffee. A letter from a prisoner. Bad coffee talk. Joe gets a phone call from satan. And we learn how to brew coffee in a press pot.

AA Cafe #1

In the inaugural AA Cafe podcast, Brian and Joe discuss tipping and big TIPS. Listener mail. Brian reads his essay on Costa Rica. CoffeeNews(tm) and more!