Monday, November 24, 2008

AA Cafe #56

Isaiah and I try our best to catch up on the last few weeks in a short amount of time.  We talk about the South Central Regional Barista Competition in Austin.  We talk about coffee that is "too fresh" and listen to snippets from Michael Sivetz speech at the SCAA, "Stale Coffees Are Not Specialty Coffees."  Isaiah is quoted in (Too?) Fresh Cup Magazine concerning latte art.  And we touch on our new coffees- Aricha 10 and Beloya 12, our upcoming trip to Colombia, and Ferraris' film "The Perfect Cappuccino" coming to Tulsa.

Monday, September 22, 2008

AA Cafe #55

Isaiah and I talk about the past few weeks:  DoubleShot Latte Art Comp, Seattle, CoffeeFest, Victrola, and Ferraris' film in Kansas City.  Isaiah requested that I play some 80's Christian Rock, so I couldn't resist digging for some of the old jr. high favorite lipsync tunes.  Oh, and our podcast wouldn't be complete without... Mark Prince.

Monday, September 1, 2008

LT100 Jogcast (aacafe54)

This podcast ain't about coffee.  I recorded another jogcast during the Leadville Trail 100.  This is the audio from the race and a little post-race commentary.  Rough.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

AA Cafe #53

Lots of commentary on this podcast about Starbucks and Clover; about Nick Cho and Murky Coffee; about the perceived differences between peaberries and flat beans; about the Leadville 100 and our fundraising effort for Coffee Kids.
Listen up. Jason and Brian rock the mic (or whatever).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

AA Cafe #52

It's the second half of the SCAA Convention.  Isaiah and I team up to tell the rest of the story.  Mark Prince, Ethiopia, Billy Wilson, Doug Zell, Chris Baca and mini me, Synesso, Barefoot Andy, siphon coffee, Caribou, the Holy Coffee Bean, and the USBC.  Drink more coffee.

Friday, May 23, 2008

AA Cafe #51

The SCAA tradeshow report, part 1. Jason and I chit chat about how hot it's gotten all of a sudden. And what we did at the SCAA convention in Minneapolis. Highlights include Mark Pendergrast, Bill McAlpin, George Howell, Jay Caragay, Nick Cho, Martin Diedrich, Reg Barber, our new Compak grinder, and exciting coffees on their way to the DoubleShot.

Monday, April 21, 2008

AA Cafe #50

It's the BIG 50th episode of AA Cafe!  Isaiah and I bore you through one more episode.  We encourage you to ask questions (of Nick Cho mostly).  Mark Prince of Coffeegeek calls in and praises the DoubleShot Coffee Company - what a sweetie pie.  I tell a little about my trip to Guatemala (don't miss the mugging).  And I ask a lot of questions about coffee processing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

AA Cafe #13

This is the one that got away. I originally recorded podcast 13 with David Fell of Stonewood Coffee & Tea, but being the unlucky episode, things went awry and the sound files disappeared from existence. Not even David the computer guru could recover them. So Isaiah and I re-recorded #13 for your listening pleasure.
New coffee technologies are unveiled, plus a couple phone-in guests.

AA Cafe #49

The Waylon F'ing Jennings of the Coffee World? It's the last AA Cafe of 2007. Isaiah returns as the ambassador to the people in our quest for World Coffee Domination. Listen and learn how to make coffee without electricity, what happens when you lie about coffee, and what happens when my girlfriend calls while we're podcasting. You don't want to miss the absolute best letter from a listener. Write to us: