Thursday, January 24, 2008

AA Cafe #13

This is the one that got away. I originally recorded podcast 13 with David Fell of Stonewood Coffee & Tea, but being the unlucky episode, things went awry and the sound files disappeared from existence. Not even David the computer guru could recover them. So Isaiah and I re-recorded #13 for your listening pleasure.
New coffee technologies are unveiled, plus a couple phone-in guests.

AA Cafe #49

The Waylon F'ing Jennings of the Coffee World? It's the last AA Cafe of 2007. Isaiah returns as the ambassador to the people in our quest for World Coffee Domination. Listen and learn how to make coffee without electricity, what happens when you lie about coffee, and what happens when my girlfriend calls while we're podcasting. You don't want to miss the absolute best letter from a listener. Write to us: