Friday, December 5, 2014

Episode 92 - The DoubleShot Holiday Edition

For the first time ever, we recorded a live event that took place at the DoubleShot. During this event, I talked about the background for our big holiday package of this year, Brazil Sitio Serra Natural. The DoubleShot pastry chef, Shelly talked about the delicious food pairing she put together, and my co-host Mark Brown read an excerpt from a book he wrote, which comes in the Brazil holiday package.
After the event, Mark and I sat down to discuss all the holiday coffees and merchandise available at the DoubleShot and at
Brazil Sitio Serra Natural

Costa Rica Pastora Yellow Honey

Pourover Holster
White Buffalo Track Jacket

Monday, November 24, 2014

Episode 91 - Jim McEnaney of La Minita Coffee

Jim McEnaney, who is a coffee quality manager at La Minita Coffee, visited us some time ago and I sat down and listened to him talk about La Minita and some of the other coffees they produce and source.
Mark and I talk through the longest preamble ever, fairly dominating the entire show with funny memories of Autumn and Halloween and a few sad thoughts of life and loss.
You can find all the coffees mentioned on the podcast here:

Music for this episode is by Lyndon Scarfe and Kai Engel.

This was a difficult episode for me to finish because I felt compelled to mention my dad's passing on September 3.  It's an overwhelming loss.

 coffee pickers at La Minita
 Jim in the nursery at La Minita
 sorting room at La Minita - looks like a peaberry
 me picking coffee at LM
my dad and mom at a coffee farm in Tanzania

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Episode 90 - Colorado

Mark and Brian both took trips to Colorado in August, both took DoubleShot Coffee and the new DoubleShot Coffee Concentrate. It's adventure and awakening and brewing and tasting life in the mountains.  In this 90th episode of AA CafĂ©, Mark and Brian discuss the minutiae. Mark Brown, currently of, and Brian Franklin of are your hosts on this summertime vacation podcast. 
Music in this podcast is by Lyndon Scarfe and Kai Engel.  
If you listen to the podcast and still can't get enough of the live commentary from the field, and you want to hear Brian's ramblings as he descends Mount Belford, listen here:
Brian on the summit of Mt. Oxford (14,153 feet)
Mark looking for trout
Mountain goats
The DoubleShot Proprietary Coffee Travel Kit
View from the summit of Mt. Harvard

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Episode 89 - Savoy Restaurant

The Kelamis family has been in the restaurant business for almost 90 years in Tulsa, and operating under the Savoy Restaurant banner for 60 of those years.  Evan Kelamis, the fourth generation in the restaurant lineage, sat down to tell us about his family, the heritage, and the Savoy Restaurant. Mark Brown (of and Brian Franklin (owner of DoubleShot Coffee Company) banter about the generations, the Savoy, and how in the heck this podcast got started. 
Music in this podcast is by 2ndMOUSE, Tardiss, The Polish Ambassador, Shadow Priest, and Lyndon Scarfe.  Mark says this is my breakout into a career as a DJ.  I'm not so sure.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Episode 88 - Ariel Montoya

Ariel Montoya, the owner of Hacienda El Boton, from Bolivar Colombia is the guest on this episode. Ariel talks about the farm, how he processes our coffee, and the importance of the rainforest at El Boton. Join Mark Brown of Argentfork and Brian Franklin from DoubleShot Coffee Company as they transport you to Colombia and back.
Music for this episode by:
Lyndon Scarfe
Oskar Schuster
Psychadelik Pedestrian

Monday, March 3, 2014

AA Cafe #87

Brian and Mark celebrate the 10th birthday of DoubleShot Coffee Company with a conversation about the history of the DoubleShot; lessons of being 10, 40, and 50; and a new set of coffees available online, called The Decade Collection.
Music for this podcast by Nate Wooley, Friendly Foliage, and Jahzzar.
Mark Brown writes at
Buy coffee online at