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   AA Cafe Podcast from DoubleShot Coffee Company

Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa Oklahoma's DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-host Mark Brown from as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.

Nov 8, 2018

Paul Bowman returns to bring us from Paleolithic to Prehistoric in our search to understand man's early experience with caffeinated beverages. 

Oct 2, 2018

Paul Bowman is back, but this time he's not here to talk about the North American Wood Ape. Paul gives us an overview of archaeology and some important finds in Oklahoma.

Aug 5, 2018

This is a brief discussion about Brian's recent trip to Honduras, where he visited the Copan Ruins and cupped coffees in San Pedro Sula and Peña Blanca. 

Jul 16, 2018

The second half of the aacafe interview with Doug Zell. Doug is a great guy, very knowledgable, intelligent, and experienced. He is fun to chat with, and listening to him is insightful for those in the coffee industry as well as anyone interested in the life cycle of a successful business. His current projects include 

Jun 15, 2018

The founder of Intelligentsia Coffee, Doug Zell came to town to race his bicycle in the Tulsa Tough crits. He was nice enough to sit down and tell Brian about his life and career. This is part one of two with Doug. Hear the story behind the founding and rise of Intelligentsia Coffee.