Wednesday, June 6, 2007

AA Cafe #44

Return of the Jedi. Whatever that means. The last of a trilogy of podcasts out of San Fran with Ferraris. A couple of interviews. Jeri from Royal Coffee, one of my brokers. And a coffee farmer from Kenya, Robin shares his story.

AA Cafe #43

The EMPIRE Strikes Back. Ferraris and I continue to talk about San Francisco, SCAA, and blah blah blah. A long conversation about organic certification and the Blue Bottle. Sleeping outside in Long Beach, and Ritual Coffee Roasters.

AA Cafe #42

A New Hope. First in a trilogy (actually number 4) of podcasts from San Francisco with the acclaimed Amy Ferraris. A recap of the SCAA Conference. Jeremy from Ritual gets fired from Starbucks. The Clover. Jay from Portafilter. The conclusion of the farm direct controversy.

AA Cafe #41

Curtis the only non-gay (I think) haircut guy (stylist). Don't lie, Jamaican coffee, "Fair Trade", Amy Ferraris update (interview).

AA Cafe #40

Ferraris! Amy continues to film "The Perfect Cappuccino," Billy Wilson writes in, Thurman fondles a painting, and "Farm Direct" loses all meaning.

AA Cafe #39

Fat Tuesday. Candice and I talk about Raye's exploding coffeemaker, the cure for baldness, LIARs in the coffee industry and how to save their souls.

AA Cafe #38

Audra's debut. It's another JogCast. Audra joins Brian to talk about the Rocky Raccoon 100.

AA Cafe #37

Tommy the opera singer. We recap my La Minita trip. Line out 10 things to do with a Starbucks gift card. SEXPRESSO!

AA Cafe #36

Michael has a Vietnamese daughter! Brian's one of the Hot 100 and home roasting isn't as good as DoubleShot Coffee.

AA Cafe #35

Rick Tillery of Channel 2 works for you! Practice rich guy etiquette. Decaf? The explanation of my solo DoubleShot experience. Tasting Ethiopia Sidamo MAO Horse.

AA Cafe #34

Kari of Biscuit and Bones joins up. Let me make the damn drinks! Gano cafe tasting. Jamming your grinder.

AA Cafe #33

David helps me put the ASs in coffee podcASting. Take a recommendation. Corn cups, space-age decaf polymers, DoubleShot Duathlon, homeland coffee security.

AA Cafe #32

Amy again. The DoubleShot widget, coffee's role in world history, camel antibodies and caffeine... and more Starbucks DoubleShot updates with my esteemed lawyer J. Ryan Sacra, esquire.

AA Cafe #31

Amy Ferraris podcasting in the middle of a tornado? It's the first of the Cappuccino movie. I command you to go to a different coffeehouse. Amy says we should sleep with someone who isn't our wife. Amy hates coffeenews. Cap instruction.

AA Cafe #30

David returns with hippie terrorists. Drink the coffee! The story of the Aeropress guy. Who is Amy Ferraris? Coke Blak. And more Starbucks DoubleShot updates.

Monday, June 4, 2007

AA Cafe #29

AA Religion with John. Discussing coffee tasting, the Starbucks DoubleShot update, religion, and an update from the paintballer/ballerina/bmx'er/coffee drinker Laurie from Sandy Utah.

AA Cafe #28


AA Cafe #27

All the girls love Larry , but they don't like McDonald's coffee. Josh phones in from the road. Learn how not to get a job at the coffeehouse.

AA Cafe #26

Opera with Tommy!

AA Cafe #25

DoubleShot Coffee's 2nd Birthday!

AA Cafe #24

Podcast 24 features a letter from G.I. Joe, outside food and drink, urine therapy, Yemen coffee, RESPECT

AA Cafe #23

The olympic edition. Reviewing the aeropress, coffeemug death, daylight donut urine blend, caffeine nap, The DoubleShot Zone!

AA Cafe #22

The Jogcast. Rocky Raccoon 100 mile endurance run.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

AA Cafe #21

Eric the Red and I get deep. Running, living, loving, and coffee. Check your bastard child while you drink coffee. Black Gold is first discussed on AA Cafe. Magic Johson makes sure inner city poor kids have the opportunity to spend $5 on a venti frappuccino. Eric thought he was a booty-licious white girl who might make it onto an episode of American Idol. And so did the girl whose application we read. Joe writes in again to tell us what some coffee grading terms mean.

AA Cafe #20

Jason #3 (aka "Jack") joins up. Support your local coffeeshop. Blueberry flavored coffee at Dunkin Donuts eats through styrofoam. $1.01 tax included for a cup of coffee? Video podcasting is discussed. Joe writes in and I tell the history of Joe.

AA Cafe #19

Big Bob! It's a country-western version of AA Cafe. Cowboy coffee. Coffee stimulates the female (rats)! We give a bunch of male rats beer and see what happens. The flashlight "bomb" in Starbucks was just a flashlight? Ray "the terrorist" asks questions about turkish coffee. Cowboy Bob makes me laugh.