Monday, December 21, 2015

Episode 96 - Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays. Mark and Brian get together for a quick podcast to talk about happiness. It was supposed to be a holly jolly podcast, but it ended up talking a lot about the idea of happiness. But we did talk about things that make us happy, and a lot of other people told us about their favorite things as well.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Episode 95 - El Erizo

El Erizo is an amazing Costa Rica honey process coffee that we are roasting for the holidays. Hear all about the coffee and some history on the name and the fantastic sequence of events that took place in the mid-1800s, as well as the fantastic sequence of events here at the DoubleShot this month.
Happy Thanksgiving. You can order El Erizo here, while it lasts.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Episode 94 - Kyya Chocolate

The new MADURO BAR is now available! I went to Elm Springs Arkansas to visit with the owner of Kyya Chocolate, Rick Boosey. He tells us all about how chocolate is made and how he got into the business. Mark and I ramble about other related issues, including vanilla. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Episode 93 - Nicaragua

Earlier this month, I went to Nicaragua for the first time. It was a journey into the unknown, as I wasn't sure where I would be going or what I would find out when I got there. As it turned out, I learned a lot about the coffee culture there and experienced farms and mills at a few different levels. Listen as Mark Brown and I discuss the ins and outs of the trip. Some unexpected audio was caught on a farm in the lowland area of Chacraseca, when a local farmer told us, through an interpreter, about his life in farming and what he learned along the way. Pretty moving piece.

Music for this episode is by Lyndon Scarfe, Chenard Walcker, and FortyOne.

 Watering the baby coffee plants at the nursery in Finca Santa Emilia.

 A small farming family near the town of Santa Emilia. Maria Elena Ramos is the matriarch and they grow coffee on 1.5 manzanas of land.

 Geronimo, a very small farmer who recently borrowed the funds from Just Hope foundation to make improvements on his house, which he is very proud of.

Our group hanging out on the farm of Freddy (far right, chatting with Luke Oppenheimer) in an area called La Flor.